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Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Others

Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Others

Turning points…don’t they go by in a blink? The Art & Science Of Doing Nothing workshop is as of yesterday no longer a vision, but a fact.

I biked to #Zoku, my favourite place in #Amsterdam where I was warmheartedly welcomed by Wilco den Brok, Frank Boon and the PD Talks team. And that was nice. Because the idea of giving a workshop to 70 people had me all keyed up.

I had taken on the challenge to develop an intensive & educational immersion on how we can deliberately create more breakthroughs in our lives.

Now, the time to share it had come. I stepped onto the 6th floor, & couldn’t help but gasp at the breathtaking panoramic view of Royal Theatre Carré & the Rijksmuseum. After weeks of mugginess, a ray of sun broke the clouds & crowned the day with a rainbow in full glory. I was grateful for this harbinger, which instantly transposed me from keyed up to geared up.

The room was brimming. The beamer was up. The cameras were on. The mic was hot. I took one more moment to anchor myself. One more final deep breath, and…GO!

Is it possible that one simple practice can do both, cure a burnout & bring about a breakthrough? This is the topic we discussed that day.

Today, as a result, I get the privilege of true reflection. I get the privilege to see myself through someone else’s eyes. The eyes of the workshop attendants. And this is what I do it for! Nothing enlivens me and quickens me more, than aligning my purpose with the higher purpose of likeminded communities and people! Hell, Yeah!