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Say “Yes!”

Say “Yes!”

When you say “yes” to life, life says “yes” to you.

Again, and again…

“Yes” may sound like a pledge to pleasure and a life of leisure (which is not necessarily a bad idea), but is not what I mean to impart with “yes” in this case.

With “Yes,” in this case I refer to Balance.

When you’re too much of A, and not enough of B, saying “yes” to A, disturbs the balance even further. Equilibrium, and with it equanimity, is achieved when you are mindful of maintaining the balance.

My balance usually get challenged when I am asked to choose between responsibility and hard work, or fun. The former always wins. Yesterday, was another a good example.

I met a girl over breakfast at the hotel we are both staying. We exchanged numbers and off I went back to my dark, muggy hotel room to work out a financial proposal for an exciting new project that just came on my path.

I struggled. Both because of the complexity of the request, and because I was frankly, a little frustrated that I was doing this to myself…being the responsible, level-headed girl, when I should have been out enjoying the lavish Argentinian sun; Like my new acquaintance was, who was now tempting me with inviting text messages and pictures of her scrumptious lunch.

“Come!” She pleaded with me. The choice may seem straightforward to most, but to me, with an impeding deadline, my own business to run and a challenged survival instinct, this was anything but straightforward.

I paused for a second and thought to myself, “What is it that is most out of character for me?” I learned this trick from someone who once taught me how to break monotony in my wardrobe. “To change your style,” they told me, “you need to break your shopping pattern. Think of the style that you really like, and then buy the total opposite.”

With clothing, and behavior both, we tend to develop automatisms, which are very effective for many cases, but can end up making you rigid and stuck in other.

The decision was made. I broke the pattern.

“What were you working on?” She asked me when I arrived, and then, as soon as I told her, exclaimed: “I am a consultant at Accenture! This is what I do for a living! This is what you need to do…” and just like that, in a matter of 10 minutes she didn’t only perfectly resolve the problem I had been struggling with for the past 4 hours, she empowered me with a new perspective on the subject – which was in fact a life-lesson. Simple. Powerful.

I submitted my proposal and then went out and had a delightful afternoon and evening with my new Accenture friend.

I said “yes” to balance. I chose a bit of fun over my ingrained opt-in for hard work… and life said YES to me: in more than one way.

Thank you, life!