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Individual Coaching Session

Individual Coaching Session


Package includes:
– 60 minutes in person, or online coaching session



Like many others, you might also be wondering:

– I’ve read the books, studied the blogs and listened to all the podcasts. Why am I still going in circles, unable to create meaningful, lasting change?
– How do I break through old beliefs and uncover the patterns that keep sabotaging my life (and results)?
– I feel alone, confused and surrounded by people who can’t understand me. Where can I find an expert who will hold space and guide me in the right direction?
– I want to forgive someone, get through pain and feel better more of the time. How do I do that?!


If any of those common challenges resonate with you, then you’re in the right place!

All of the support, guidance and direction you desire is right here. Working with me, you’ll receive support in every area of your life, from business and relationships, to wellness and spirituality. Regardless of how far along the path you are, working with a coach is the fastest route to breakthroughs and transformation that sticks.

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Next to my 18 years professional career as a Change Management Consultant for companies such as KPMG, ING, Europol etc., I am a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Yoga Teacher, Generative Trance Coach, Reiki and Soul Body Fusion® practitioner. My coaching practice effectively integrates all layers of our being: Mind, Body and Soul, and is supported by robust change frameworks, strategies and plans that will ensure that your transformation is not only effective, but that it lasts.

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