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Group Training & EQ-2.0 Assessement

Group Training & EQ-2.0 Assessement


A group training focused on understanding the fundamental concepts of Emotional Intelligence.

Package includes:
– Up to 14 participants
– EQ-i 2.0 Assessment
– EQ-i 2.0 21 pages report. View here a sample report.
– A 2-hour workshop. Incl. team building and group exercises, group coaching and Q&A session



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Why do I recommend the EQi-2.0 Inventory?
EQi-2.0 is the first scientifically validated tool that is based on over 20 years of research. It was developed by psychologist Reuven Bar-On and is distributed by MHS. It currently represents one of the most popular EI assessments in the domain. Over 1 million people across 66 countries have already participated.
What does the EQi-2.0 Inventory consist of?
It is a self-assessment tool that consists of 5 general areas of emotional skills that are broken down into 15 specific sub scales. View here a sample report.


Basic facts:
– Format: workshop
– Number of participants: 10
– Administration Time: 4 hours
Key benefits:
– Identify your team’s strengths
– Identify your team’s challenge areas
– Increase your team’s emotional wellbeing
Need more details?
Let’s talk. Request your call today: info@ina.fyi

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