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Nicol David, 8 Times World Champion

Nicol David, 8 Times World Champion

When I first learned about Nicol David, I became obsessed. Just listen to what she’s done….

Nicol was the smallest kid when she started playing squash. Everyone she played with was bigger or older than her. Today she’s eight times World Champion and a 21st-century legend. She’s reigned at No. 1 for a record-breaking length of time and is the winner of 80 Pro titles. Outside the squash court Nicol is a UN goodwill ambassador, holds the Malaysian equivalent of Dame title, and is an order of merit bearer — an award limited to only 10 recipients for notable contributions in the arts, sciences and the humanities.

Nicol David has found a new fan in me from the very first moment I met her. She is straight-talking, whip-smart, humble, generous and powerful beyond measure.

There are so many lessons in this episode of “Queens and Kings of Hearts”, whether you’re a fan, a sports-aficionado or creative who wants a clear example of how Emotional Intelligence can improve the world. Pour yourself a cup of something delicious and watch this interview with Nicol.