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May you be met

May you be met

Many of you who are reading this right now, are coaches, therapists, teachers, healers, way-showers in some shape or form.
This message is to acknowledge the entirety of who you are.

Your level of empathy allows you to hold in healing love the hearts of both, those who are kind to you, and those that break your heart.

Your level of compassion enables you to feel for and understand the innermost motives of both, those that deserve your understanding, and your wrongdoers.

Your ability to forgive runs so deep, and so unencumbered, that you extend it before, and even without an apology being offered.

Because of the specific level that you oscillate at, people will often extend love to you, but it won’t always meet you at the level that you’re at. It’s not that you don’t enjoy when people give you love in their own way, it’s just that not many people can meet you at the level of depth that you oscillate from.

You give, and you don’t expect anything in return. You’re unconditional and selfless in your offering to the world.

But “not expecting” is not the same as “not deserving”.

Yes, there may be no point for others to bring you gold when your heart’s a goldmine.

There may be no point for others to fill your cups with water when you are an ocean.

There may be no point for others to shine their warmth of compassion on you when you are the sun.

Yet, still, this is what I wish for you this week:

May all the wounds that you help others heal, be the place where the Light enters you.

May all the cups that you fill, satiate your thirst with sacredness.

May all the times when you held back and fell silent, be filled with music.

May all of those who have left you to burn in hell’s fire, now return to fan your heart’s flame.

May all the rivers of your unconditional forgiveness, float you into a sea of unconditional love.