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Are You Living A Linear Life In An Exponentially Changing World?

Are You Living A Linear Life In An Exponentially Changing World?

Could it be that the reason why we are collectively burning out is not the result of physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion, but the result of us living a linear life in an exponentially changing world? What if our disengagement at work is not a byproduct of overwork, but a symptom of the tug of war between our fear of missing out and our ingrained need for stability? What if our aversion for the 9 to 5 is not about our lack of responsibility, but our natural response to bandwidth overwhelm?

Amsterdam’s premiere pop-up co-working immersion is born

To address these questions, over the past month, we’ve been creating partnerships with conscious businesses and communal workplaces and in just under 2 weeks from now, on January 27, we will bring together ZZP’ers, freelancers, start-ups and savvy creatives with big dreams under the same roof on the Herengracht in Amsterdam where we will be giving an exponential take to the linear workday.

The 30 steps example

Our world today is changing at an exponential speed. Ray Kurzweil, the Head of Engineering at Google has a very simple way to explain the implications of exponential change. He calls it the 30 steps example.

“If I take 30 steps linearly, I get to 30. If I take 30 steps exponentially, I get to a billion,” he said.

30 linear steps gets you to 30. 30 exponential steps gets you to a billion.

Technology is a great example of exponential change. That’s the reason why your phone is a million time smaller, a million times cheaper and 1000 times more powerful than what used to be a 60 million dollar supercomputer that was the size of a building 40 years ago. What used to be the size of a building now fits in your pocket and is 1000 times more powerful.

Let’s think about that in terms of inner transformation. In terms of personal change. How does this change what’s possible? What does this mean for our potential? What does it mean for our personal growth? The level that it took us years to get to, through a ton of hard work, a backpack of degrees and a portmanteau of perseverance, is now literally at our fingertips. We have the power to achieve a million times better quality of life than our parents ever could at our age.

The trick is to keep up with this exponential growth. But how do you not have the rug swept from under your feet? How do you not drown in this flood of possibility? Can we really keep up with this exponential evolution if we continue to live a linear life? Is there still room for compartments in our lives? Can we still afford the emotional debt of having the things we love compete for our attention? When work gets the 8 hours slot of our day, passion gets 1 hour of our day, fun gets the weekly 2 hours slot, holiday gets the one week slot in our year, we are living a linear life.

A new way

You only need to look around to see evidence of exponential living. The digital nomads, incubator workspaces, communal living…these are just the beginning. They are blurring the lines between our stifling slots and shackling compartments. They are throwing those slots into one big pot of potentiality, and are luring us to dive in. To take a swim in this delicious soup of ALLness. Labor versus love, turns into labor of love. Productivity versus fun, turns into flow. Work versus holiday turns into working globe roaming.

Change, transformation, progress, they all happen in small shifts. When something seems impossible, when nothing is working, know you’re only one shift away from making it work.
Join us for a day of personal growth on steroids!