Novel psychological and alternative therapy

LEVEL 2: Alternative therapy

LEVEL 2: Alternative therapy

Third Generation Hypnosis: Generative Trance

Generative Trance is a third generation of trance work that seeks to move beyond the limitations of the old hypnosis models. Trance is seen as a naturally occurring creative process independent from hypnosis, and the focus is on how to respectfully utilize trance for transformational change. The two minds (conscious and creative unconscious) are equally respected and involved, with attention paid to when and how one or the other is best used as a lead system, and how a harmonious relationship between them produces the “higher consciousness” of a generative self. Thus, the conscious mind is not “put to sleep” or “sent away”, and the unconscious is not regarded as a child to be programmed. The intimate connection between them allows each person to “become their own Milton Erickson.”

What is “Trance?”

Trance is seen primarily as a naturalistic learning state that occurs from within, not an artificial state created or controlled by an outside “hypnotist.” Generative Trance teaches skills for cultivating these higher states of consciousness for purposes of improved health, happiness, healing, and helpfulness to others. Generative Trance is open to those seriously interested in generative personal change and altered states of consciousness. In these sessions we experience and utilize generative states of consciousness, which will lead to many new patterns. The goal is to learn how to create a Generative Self-capable of transforming one’s life in many powerful ways.