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Idea to Result, in Under Three Months

Idea to Result, in Under Three Months

In November last year, I gave a Personal Development talk to 60 self-awareness enthusiasts. While I spoke for one and a half hours, I could see some eyes completely absorbed in what I was telling, just as I could see some eyes in the crowd getting lost. As I looked back into those eyes, an insight occurred to me. Sharing knowledge is nice. It can be inspiring and uplifting. However knowledge is not enough. With the infusion of a new piece of information, a gap arrises in our consciousness. That’s the gap between knowing… and doing.

My talk itself was on the role that the unconscious plays in any change; whether it’s a personal change that we’re talking about, or a corporate change on a global scale of 200,000 employees. Giving a talk, I realized, was nice. But, that was all that it was. Nice. Not changing. Not life altering. Not transforming. Just nice.

“What would it take,” I wondered, “to make real shift happen – on a deeper level?” That’s when the idea of SHFT Happens was born. In November 2017, this was just an insight. Today SHFT Happens is a fact. This is what I know now, beyond a single doubt. When you trust your intuition, your gut, your instinct…when you listen to it, it becomes your engine. Your brain then, is the steering wheel. In our world today, the order is mostly reversed. The brain is considered the engine, while the gut is secondary, if at all taken into the equation. But, today, we don’t only have empirical evidence about the power of our intuition, we also know exactly how to activate it.

And when we work from that place…that’s when all forces line up, when all the cooperative components come into alignment. It is then, that the progression from idea to matter, becomes a straightforward process. INSIGHT becomes WORD. WORD becomes VISION. VISION becomes ACTION. ACTION becomes RESULT.

Or in Gandhi’s words:

Your beliefs become your thoughts,


Your thoughts become your words,


Your words become your actions,


Your actions become your habits,


Your habits become your values,


Your values become your destiny.”

The trailer above is a quick glimpse into what my INSIGHT last November looks like as a RESULT today, less than 3 months later.

I couldn’t be more pleased.