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Aha! Moments: The art & science of breakthroughs

Aha! Moments: The art & science of breakthroughs

Isaac Newton was twiddling his thumbs under a tree; Steve Jobs was taking a stroll in an orchard. Then they had one of those unforgettable, connect-the-dots moments, when everything suddenly, somehow clicked. Yes, we’re talking Aha! Moments.

All inventions, innovations, and breakthroughs started with one Aha! Moment.
“EUREKA!” “AHA!” We use triumphant terminology to describe what has for centuries been believed to be an essentially inexplicable, metaphysical experience. Einstein called it the “Sacred Gift.” Some call it “intuition.” Others describe is as “Divine inspiration.” For centuries we have believed that people stumble upon breakthroughs by chance or through some stroke of genius. But what if genius is not a chance occurrence? What if we can deliberately create more Aha! Moments in our lives?

Neuroscience says we can. New scientific discoveries have now overturned two centuries of metaphysical musings when it comes to breakthroughs. Recent MRI scans show what happens to our brains when we are producing an AHA! Not only can AHAs now be quantified in empirical facts. We now have the effortless and accessible tools to deliberately create them.

In this TedX Talk that I gave in April 2018, I divulge one simple technique that we can all use to unleash our genius.